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Why Facebook Acquired Whatsapp Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Why Facebook Acquired Whatsapp - Essay Example Facebook and WhatsApp are among the main internet based life stages in the advanced world. The two online life have a noteworthy number of clients that each represent a danger to another undoubtedly. In contrast with other web-based social networking that have been in presence before the innovation of WhatsApp, Facebook was commanding the market with the most elevated number of clients. With the happening to WhatsApp in the online life showcase, it escalated the consummation to a point where Facebook selected to procure it. Â Apart from the extreme rivalry in the online networking market realized by Whatsapp application, there are numerous different approaches to legitimize the procurement of Whatsapp by Facebook. Much the same as in different types of business, one business my either converge with another or completely obtain it relying upon the business condition the two of them face. As per concentrates by Ireland, Hoskisson and Hitt (2012 p, 133), one business may procure another so as to expand its development, gain showcase power, oversee hazards and lessen costs. Comparable to such obtaining reasons, Facebook proprietors made the transition to gain Whatsapp so as to build its development in the internet based life showcase. Obtaining Whatsapp, which is a solid contender, would likewise help Facebook deal with the danger of end from business and cut expenses of activity, for example, publicizing. The board of such factors would in this way lead to an expansion in the market power by Facebook. Â In examines led by Frankel (2011 p.22), he takes note of that, among the primary reasons why one business may obtain another incorporate clients and piece of the pie. One business might need to assume control over the clients of a contending business and progressively assume control over the piece of the overall industry.

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Globalization Issue according toThomas L. Freidman and William J Essay

Globalization Issue agreeing toThomas L. Freidman and William J. Duiker - Essay Example The book depicts a situation where less than ideal leveling of the rivals of globalization is inescapable. William (2009:340-344) shares his opinions in his book ’The contemporary world History’. He feels that the powers of fracture are too solid to even consider allowing globalization to increase a steady balance. Basic examination of the considerations of the two scholars entices a person to take a position. In spite of the fact that William presents steep difficulties to globalization, the premise of his contentions and hypothesis are on vulnerabilities. The past worldwide patterns have demonstrated that globalization has gotten positive consideration everywhere throughout the world. Albeit a few countries may not show up out in the open to help globalization, investigates have demonstrated that it stays a hot subject in their meeting room gatherings. This shows globalization is live and soon the world will be a worldwide town. Thomas expressly spreads out the advant ages of globalization. Be that as it may, he doesn't neglect the potential difficulties that globalization may be confronted with. This makes Thomas’s feelings right, increasingly reasonable, and genuine in the present world. The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention which Thomas buys in to confirms that there can't be contradiction between nations, which share a typical intrigue. He underscores that globalization is the sole answer for the most clashes on the planet. Fundamentally, Thomas implies that the countries that grasp globalization have received rewards and not ill will. Globalization is the main safe stage to advance social, financial, mechanical, and political ties while acknowledging assorted variety. Thomas calls attention to that there are still obstructions to globalization. He contends that defeating against worldwide powers must be at the core of its advocates. Freidman (580-604) features a portion of the issues which incorporate poor training frameworks, feeble financial forces, maladies, and terrible foundation. Bargained instruction framework contrarily influences globalization. This is clear in the underdeveloped nations where just the advantaged in the public eye secure quality training and abilities.

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A Good Editor Can Help You Become a Better Writer

A Good Editor Can Help You Become a Better Writer Today, most of us find that we have to write more often than we thought we ever would. We are definitely not professional writers. In fact, many of us dont want to be writers at all. We struggle through English classes in high school, composition classes in undergraduate school, thesis work in graduate school. We write only when we have to write, wishing all the while, as we revise endlessly at three in the morning, that the project were struggling with was already completed.When we receive our degrees and go into the real world, we find that nothing has changed. Our reasons for writing became even stronger. We discover that the world in the information age does indeed run on words, words that constantly appear in team meetings, statistical documentation, projects, proposals, press releases, memos and letters, and executive summaries â€" the list goes on and on, and all of it is communication that is essential to our career advancement. We find that despite that technical gadget call ed a computer, we still have to be creative and learn how to communicate in the best manner possible. It all, of course, means more writing!So what is a frustrated, overworked person to do? The answer is simple. If you want to become a better writer, find a good editor. A good editor can act in numerous ways to help you become a good writer. A good editor is a blessing, disguised in formatted red ink, lined strikeovers of your copy, and inserted, often weird, comments that help you discover suddenly what you really want to say and how to say it better.A good editor can make you a better writer because that person will make you look at your writing from a different point of view. An editor sees your writing from a fresh perspective, and when you get your document back and work on it again, you suddenly find you are looking at your writing more closely. You will have to make some decisions too, which will also help turn you into a better writer.You will have to decide whether to accep t the editors offered changes or keep what you had in your draft. You will have to decide whether you agree or disagree with the editors criticism of your topic, your arguments, and your conclusions. In short, you will have to learn how to defend your document. In so doing, you will not only see its strengths; you will suddenly learn its weaknesses. Great editors in the publishing world, like Maxwell Perkins and Bennett Cerf, and most recently Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis with Viking Press, have worked on just these tasks, as they helped some of the greatest writers polish their masterpieces.So when you find a good editor, what can you expect that editor to do? The following descriptions cover a few of the writer benefits a good editor can provide:A mentor â€" a good editor is a helpmate, a cheerleader who will keep you writing, and despite how convoluted your work is or how complete, will offer praise and encouragement to keep you writing and rewriting.An instructor â€" a good editor will teach by explaining the concepts behind the red typed changes and the comments to re-organize or focus or stay on topic or clarify or expand. You will learn not to make those grammar errors you have always made because now you are beginning to understand the rules. You will learn how to replace the wrong word with the right word that really communicates the idea you have stored so precisely in your head, but cant get down on paper or the computer screen. You learn about the Whys of Writing, and amazingly, start to like the process, if not love it. Learning how to write clearly is a major high.A second pair of eyes â€" a good editor looks at your copy with fresh eyes and without an ongoing headache (hopefully). One of the tenets of writing is to set aside a newly written draft and let it steep like a good cup of tea. An editor can see the potential of that cup of tea because he or she didnt brew it. That impression from the other side of the room is invaluable to any writer. An editor can see the flaws of your logic or point out the details that you missed. In doing so, your editor will speed up the process for you, the writer.A devils advocate â€" a good editor is not afraid to appeal to your artistic and creative conscience. A little like Jiminy Cricket in Disneys Pinocchio, an editor will be your conscience, play the role of lawyer, philosopher, and critic to help you evaluate your ideas and your logical, truthful, and even accurate expression of them. Whether you are off the wall, or on the beaten track, or arguing a unique point of view that needs clarification, an editor can give you valuable feedback about your creative ideas and help you find your true voice.A personal organizer â€" a good editor will keep you striving to meet your deadline and help you produce the best product possible. Your editor will be a stickler in finding and drawing to your attention (sometimes a bit annoyingly) the silly proofreading mistakes you just keep on making, as y ou try to be creative, productive, and finished.No matter what kind of material you want or need to produce, any time a person writes, input is vital. Writing is a solitary job. It can be a pretty lonely exercise to sit and stare at your computer or a blank sheet of paper while you try to pull the words out of your head and birth that marvelous idea you know in your creative mind was just what you wanted to say.Writers need contact and input, praise and disagreement. Editors can do that with great aplomb when they are good. Your editor is your creative partner, who after he or she has helped you to make the best possible impression with your writing, fades silently away until the next time help is needed. Where else could you find a better partnership than that?

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Stoicism In Marcus Aureliuss Meditations - 889 Words

An Ideal World (An analysis of the use of stoicism in Marcus Aureliuss, â€Å"Meditations†) Stoicism is defined in Greek school of Philosophy as teaching that â€Å"virtue, the highest good, is based on knowledge, and that the wise live in harmony with divine reason that governs nature, and are indifferent to the vicissitudes of fortune and to pleasure and pain.† (Oxford). Virtue is a trait sought after by many in today’s society. It is also a trait that millions upon millions of people choose to ignore. It all depends on what is important or unimportant to that particular person. To have virtue is an honor, and something that one cannot give to another. Those that are wise know that virtue, or justice, is an essential characteristic to have in†¦show more content†¦Naturally, horrible and crude things might happen to certain people. These things should be expected and even anticipated. Nonetheless, the world goes about in its own way, and men must reciprocate this natu ral idea. Men are more than capable of knowing the difference between an action that is just and one that is unjust. Individual freedom and control is also given very much emphasis in regards to stoicism in Marcus Aurelius’s, â€Å"Meditations†. This idea is self-explanatory; men have control over themselves and have the power to direct their thoughts and views. â€Å"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.† (Meditations). As men are able to control their own thoughts, they can start focusing in on things that truly matter. They can focus on more virtuous things. Philosophers have learned to control their minds and see truths that others in the world are hidden from. If these philosophers can find a way to share this information with as many people as possible, then they will have achieved their ultimate goal. These philosophers are usually the ones to be leaders of a nation. They are chosen to lead because of their understanding of how to help everybody live together in harmony and unity. As strong philosophers develop stur dy governments, it is difficult not to see how these fundamental principles are so foundational for success. Marcus Aurelius is spot on in stating thatShow MoreRelated Marcus Aurelius Essay832 Words   |  4 Pages Marcus Aurelius was born on April 20, 121 AD into a family of royalty. His uncle and adoptive father, Antoninus Pius, was the emperor of Rome. Aurelius, too, was trained from birth to be a great ruler like his father. At age eleven, he dedicated himself to religion, although he considered philosophy to be the quot;true, inwardquot; religion, one which did not require ceremonies necessary in others. He was appointed by Emperor Hadrian to priesthood in 129. The Emperor also supervised his educationRead MoreExploration of the Political Structure of the Roman Empire4418 Words   |  18 PagesRome, came the slightly modern ideas that pertain to cynicism and stoicism. One of the most famous of the Stoics was Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (See Picture 4)[12]. His whole politic al system was dictated by the Stoic way of life as he was in favor of the human being devoid of all emotions, where things like envy, fear, etc were all thought to have come out of false judgments of the human minds. The focus of much of Aurelius’s philosophy had to do with the ethics that were involved in the Stoic

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Outsourcing In The Airline Industry - 833 Words

Outsourcing in aviation has become a very common practice. It now encompasses everyone from manufactures like Boeing and Airbus to airlines outsourcing their maintenance, ground labor, even ticketing and customer service. Usually most proponents of outsourcing will cite that it saves money and possibly increases knowledge sharing, which can lead to new innovations. Those that are against outsourcing often bring up the fact that you can easily loose quality control, poor customer service and possible jeopardize safety in the pursuit of saving money. On the airline level outsourcing has taken over as the new standard for most airlines. This outsourcing starts at baggage handlers, ticket agents and airline operations at most smaller†¦show more content†¦Those against outsourcing argue that both safety and the quality of the product is in jeopardy. Another issue with outsourcing is that fact that jobs are lost or moved when they are outsourced. This can easily be considered unet hical as large companies are only trading profit at the cost of stability of jobs, and future generations of local workers. Just because a company can outsource and save some money it may not be the most ethical choice for the company or its workers. I believe that the focus should be on ethics when it comes to outsourcing, it is important for companies to be able to make a profit, though this profit should never come at the loss of jobs at home, these jobs provide stability for families and this stability is the backbone of future generations. Without building a strong infrastructure for future workers we are only weakening our industries and our country. Another problem I see is that many companies that are outsourcing overseas are doing so to save money, not only from labor costs but from paying taxes. I believe if there were better tax incentivesShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Outsourcing On The Airline Industry1291 Words   |  6 PagesThis report is to provide an analysis of th e effect of outsourcing in the airline industry. In the airlines, outsourcing is very common especially at small cities and international locations. It has its advantages and disadvantage. It helps to reduce costs such as payroll, benefits and any other related costs. Also, it has it disadvantage such as the quality of the work could be affected. I also will look into the process for an airline beginning to outsource a location (or stations) that was notRead MoreOutsourcing Of Aviation Maintenance Practices And The Effects Of Globalization1352 Words   |  6 Pages Outsourcing of Aviation Maintenance Practices and the Effects of Globalization Matthew Wilkerson Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide May 16, 2016 â€Æ' Abstract Within the aviation industry outsourced maintenance practices have become increasingly more prevalent to maintain current assets. There is generally three processes currently being utilized by the airline industry: outsourcing specific maintenance needs, in-house operations, and lastly, a hybrid approach, which entails a combinationRead MoreContinental Airlines1616 Words   |  7 PagesManaging IT for Business Continental Airlines: Outsourcing IT to Support Business Transformation Questions: 1. Why is it necessary to have top management support for the implementation of technology innovations? Innovation implementation require adequate resources including money, but more importantly, people and time. These resources will not be formed without top management support. Top management support is essential for the project since it is they who allocate the funds whichRead MoreWhat cost reduction measures would you implement and why?1610 Words   |  7 Pagesyour low cost carrier (LCC) is in financial difficulty. As the CEO of this LCC, you however believe that if the airline manages to control the cost, your airline can survive. You therefore decide to reduce the operating expanse including the labour cost but you would avoid lay-offs. What cost reduction measures would you implement and why? In airline industry, the cost can break to two parts: fixed cost and variable cost. And there is very hard to cutting off of the fixedRead MoreEssay On Outsource1267 Words   |  6 PagesOutsource Abstract: Outsourcing has become a major trend over the past decade. More and more companies, both small or large even the employee, are turning to outsourcing to grow while restraining the costs. The growth of outsourcing seems to base on a fundamental belief that outsourcing creates wealth and delivers value to companies that outsource. Outsourcing has allowed small businesses to focus on their businesses agendas, reduce costs, but many organizations are frustrated that outsource hadRead MoreCase Study : Alaskan Airlines Flight 2611552 Words   |  7 Pages On January 31, 2000, Alaskan Airlines flight 261 took off from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on its way to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The flight was scheduled to have a stop along the way in San Francisco. This flight never made it to its destination, instead it crashed into the Pacific Ocean killing everyone on board; 83 lives in total. The National Transportation Safety Board determined: That the probable cause of this accident was a loss of airplane pitch control resulting from the in-flightRead MoreAviation Maintenance Trends1789 Words   |  7 PagesAviation MaitenanceTrends To fly was a tremendous triumph for mankind, who was previously sentenced to a life only walking the earth. Since the inception of the airplane, there has been aircraft maintenance. However, this industry has changed dramatically throughout the years and now involves highly innovative technologies and incredibly skilled technicians in order to best maintain the incredibly complex aircraft that fly in todays skies. Maintaining an aircraft is a harmonious blend betweenRead MoreEffects of Outsourcing1106 Words   |  5 PagesWhat is outsourcing? We have all heard the term thrown around but what does it really mean? Outsourcing is defined as contracting, sub-contracting, or externalizing non-core activities to free up cash, personnel, time, and facilities for activities where the firm holds competitive advantage(BD,09).Outsourcing happens when company’s choose to purchases their needed products and or services from an outside supplier ( mainly other countries), rather than doing the same work within their own facilitiesRead MoreThe Market Of The Aviation Industry Essay1518 Words   |  7 Pageshuman relations movement. The airline industry all around the globe is becoming more and more competitive nowadays (PricewaterhouseCoopers 2014). It requires the corporates to have strategic planning in order to maintain their growth and market share. Transformation program that involves every single individual in the organisation can effectively help it adapts and develops further. Though it is important to spend less and earn more to survive in such competitive industry, it is also important to investRead MoreAnalysis Of Porter Five Forces Analysis Qantas740 Words   |  3 PagesPorter five-force analysis (Crain, 2010), analyses the competitiveness and attractiveness of the air transport industry, which consists of Qantas Airways. The following are forces considered in the analysis. Industry Rivalry: Intense rivalry remains in the air transport industry, where a large number of airline operators, compete for customer loyalty. A number of factors affecting industry rivalry include pricing, service quality and level (Shchiglik Barnes, 2004), and available travel routes. Qantas

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 Free Essays

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 is the primary federal statute that prohibits employers from discriminating against employees in terms, privileges and conditions of employment on the basis of age. The law also applies to employment agencies and labor organizations. To be covered by the ADEA, an individual must be 40 years old or older. We will write a custom essay sample on The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 or any similar topic only for you Order Now There is no cap on an employee’s age to be covered by the ADEA. What law requires/prohibits Under the ADEA, it is unlawful to discriminate against a person because of his/her age with respect to any term, condition, or privilege of employment, including hiring, firing, promotion, layoff, compensation, benefits, job assignments, and training. It is also unlawful to retaliate against an individual for opposing employment practices that discriminate based on age or for filing an age discrimination charge, testifying, or participating in any way in an investigation, proceeding, or litigation under the ADEA. Who is covered The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) protects individuals who are 40 years of age or older from employment discrimination based on age. The ADEA’s protections apply to both employees and job applicants. The ADEA applies to employers with 20 or more employees, including state and local governments. It also applies to employment agencies and labor organizations, as well as to the federal government. ADEA protections include: * Apprenticeship Programs  * Job Notices and Advertisements * Pre-Employment Inquiries * Benefits * Waivers of ADEA Rights Reporting/recordkeeping requirements Employers must keep all payroll records for three years. Employers must also keep on file any employee benefit plan (such as pension and insurance plans) and any written seniority or merit system for the full period the plan or system is in effect and for at least one year after its termination How does one make a complaint if they feel the law has been violated? An individual must pre-file a charge with the EEOC within 180 days after the alleged unlawful practice occurred or within 300 days if a state age discrimination law (including remedies) exits. How to cite The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, Essay examples

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Predictors Of Husband To Wife Violence Essays - Abnormal Psychology

Predictors Of Husband To Wife Violence Critical Analysis of Journal Article Article: Feldbau-Khon, S., Heyman, R., and O'Leary, K. (1998). Major depressive disorder and depressive symptomatology as predictors of husband to wife physical abuse. Violence and Victims, 13, 347-359. Introduction The work of Feldbau-Khon, S., Heyman, R., and O'Leary, K. is described in the article, ?Major Depressive Disorder and Depressive Symptomatology as Predictors of Husband to Wife Physical Aggression.? The authors tested the link between a husband's depressive symptomatology and the frequency of physical aggression toward his wife. Also tested was the husband's Major Depressive Disorder and the frequency of physical aggression towards his wife. The authors had four hypotheses. 1: Clinically depressed men are more physically aggressive. 2: Depressive symptomatology is associated with frequency of physical aggression. 3: Depressive symptomatology effects on physical aggression are accounted for by other variables. 4: Depressive symptomatology effects on psychological aggression are accounted for by other variables. The study assessed physically aggressive men who volunteered for treatment with their wives. Participants responded to newspaper announcements offering free therapy for relationship conflicts. All spouses completed three-hour assessments consisting of structured interviews and self-report measures. Almost one third had moderate levels of depressive symptomatology, but only 11% met the criteria for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Although a significant relationship between increased depressive symptomatology and frequency of physical aggression was found, the relationship was most likely accounted for by self- reported anger. Weaknesses One weakness with this study is the makeup of the sample. The racial composition of the sample was 1.3% Black, 1.3% Asian, and 97% White. No Hispanics were included in the study although Hispanic men are also sometimes very violent to their wives. The sample should have had more diversity, not be made up almost entirely of Whites. Some races are more naturally violent than others are because its part of their culture. Using mostly whites in this study taints it because different depression could be a major factor affecting the physical violence of whites but perhaps not men of other races. Another weakness of this study is that it is never mentioned whether or not any of the subjects were taking any sort of medication. Many types of medications, for example any type Serotonin inhibitor, can affect violent behavior. The fact that the subjects were volunteers raises an issue. The participants responded to an advertisement for free therapy for relationship conflicts. These people wanted help. They were not ordered by the court to obtain therapy. This may suggest that they somehow have a different frame of mind than others who might not seek help, therefore, we cannot make accurate assumptions about the results of the study. Another issue one must take into consideration is that the participants completed a three-hour assessment for which they were not being paid for. They could have become tired, annoyed, bored, or frustrated. This could have affected their answers to the questions asked in the interview to determine whether or not they had MDD. They could also have not been revealing their true selves in the self-report. The interviews were conducted by grad students and a research assistant, not by the actual researchers or by doctors. There is a possibility they could have overlooked things a professional with more experience would have caught. Strengths of the Article One of the strengths of this article is that it stresses the possibility of outside factors affecting the physical violence. An example of this kind of variable is self-reported anger. A relationship where one person is depressed may in fact be a very chaotic relationship where anger and frustration can result in violence. In this case, the violence is may not be a direct result of the depression; instead it may result from the anger and frustration or marital discord that may accompany depression. The study recognizes that there are other factors of life that can affect the physical violence. Conclusion Although the study has its weaknesses, it is still a valuable learning tool. The study is consistent with other studies that have emphasized the role of anger in regard to husband-to-wife physical aggression. Much more research still has to be done to better understand the connection between MDD and husband-to-wife physical aggression. With every study performed, we come closer to realizing